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Country Scrap


If you are located in a country area like Esperance, Kalgoorlie or Geraldton and you need a scrap metal solution, we do extend our services. However, it is important to obtain your details and  approximate tonnage involved before we can quote your requirements. Call Bob Brereton 0418 928 891 Country Scrap or contact us via our bookings page to make an enquiry.


Millenium Metals has built a long standing reputation from their ability to get in and get a job done without fuss. We are so well organised, all areas are well discussed & covered prior, leaving everyone involved feeling at ease. Country Scrap means we will travel as far North, East, South or West of WA to collect Scrap Metal. Providing the quantity is relative to the outcome, we’re in!

Call Bob Brereton 0428 928 891 for an on the spot answer today …..


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