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Welcome to Millenium Metals
The Scrap Metal Solution for the Perth Metropolitan area and Country WA.
Why Choose Millenium Metals ?
After growing from a One Man Operation back in 1992, you can still today speak to Bob Brereton and get on the spot answersAnd he has installed his ‘Can Do’ attitude in Team !!

Millenium Metals was established in early 1992 as a West Australian family business.
When Millenium Metals first started, it was a 'one man - one truck' operation with this one man being Bob Brereton...  From Steady Growth it is now a multipurpose company.

With foresight, a growing knowledge and insight of the Scrap Metal industry as well as utilising his experience as a Mechanical Engineer, Bob has built that small family company into what has become a major operator in the Scrap Metal Industry of Western Australia.

By 2002, after 10 years of hard work, tenacity and a 'can do' attitude, Bob employed 6 truck drivers, 4 yard men, and 2 office staff. The fleet of vehicles had increased to 7 trucks, 10 trailers, 3 excavators, 40 scrap metal collection bins of various sizes, and included other machinery requirements relevant to the scrap metal industry.

It is now 2015 and the vehicle fleet consists of 16 trucks, 30 trailers, 10 excavators, various forklifts and front end loaders, a fleet of company vehicles, and 160 scrap metal collection bins for both private and business use. The company grew to include a mechanic’s work shop with 2 mechanics and a trainee, 30 employees consisting of drivers, yard staff and trainees, Scrap Metal experts and 4 office staff.
The majority of the company employees have been with Bob for the past 5 to 20 or more years and as such, between them have extensive knowledge and experience in the Scrap Metal Industry and company related operations.

Bob has developed Millenium Metals from a small, south metropolitan Scrap Metal company into a state wide growing concern. The majority of the operation covers the south west of the state servicing all areas from Geraldton, east to Kalgoorlie and south to Albany and Esperance and on occasion as far north as Port Hedland.

12 years ago, Millenium Metals became a Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Operations Accredited company, and as such, a high standard of work ethics has to be maintained to continue to be an accredited company. This includes regular maintenance of all vehicles and equipment in the fleet, adhering to Worksafe and Main Roads Department Fatigue Management rules for drivers and employees, and precise and accurate paperwork procedures to ensure that the State Code of Conduct and Ethics for Scrap Metal Merchants is adhered to.

The above has been achieved with hard work and by the 'can do' attitude of Bob and his staff.

Therefore, whatever services Millenium Metals undertake for you, you can be assured you will receive professional and first class service from the dedicated and experienced management and staff.



Millenium Metals
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